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We’re not afraid to talk about the hard stuff. And yes, we’re talking cement. The foundation of your next project carries a lot of power when it comes to the durability of what you’re building. When you start strong, you finish strong. We’ve got a variety of premier cement to mix up the way you work.

SAKRETE® CONCRETE MIX is a pre-blended mix of fine and coarse aggregate and Type 10 Portland cement. SAKRETE® CONCRETE MIX is suitable for any general concrete repair or new concrete construction.

AVAILABLE IN: 25 kg (55 lb.) bags. All Basalite Dry Mix can be custom-packaged to meet specific project requirements.

YIELD: 0.012 m3 (0.41 ft3)/bag

66 bags = 1 Yd3

86 bags = 1 m3