Our Story

Our Story


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Our Story

Our company has been changing the local landscape for decades, quite literally. Since 1974, we’ve been supplying Greater Vancouver with cedar products, dimensional framing, lumber, hardware, landscaping supplies, and much more. We’re stocked with everything our customers need to bring their dream projects to life – big or small. We source our lumber from a mill adjacent to our yard, making Sunbury a local and sustainable choice. Our experienced sales team is committed to providing all our customers with the best advice and product know-how, that way our team can equip all our customers with the support, knowledge and advice they need to make their home and backyards the talk of the block.

Come by our showroom and lumberyard for inspiration and great ideas for your next endeavour. We offer custom woodworking, and experienced landscapers and contractors to guarantee you have all the resources you need to get the results you want. With our own lumber yard and mill, an intuitive e-commerce platform and North America-wide shipping, and professional installers able to service both residential and commercial clients from Lions Bay to Hope, we’re your first homegrown choice.

Our History


To understand who we are, you need to dial back the clock…

It all began with four men – all of whom had frustrations working for “the man”. With each of them bringing varying experience to the table, they decided to start a company of their own. Gene Roy left his job in finance and brought along with him the money and the financial knowledge. Errol Wintermute was a manager at the MacMillan Bloedel Shook Mill and had always dreamed of beginning a mill of his own. Wallace Wilkinson was a red cedar salesman who understood how to wheel and deal in selling the goods. And lastly, John Dyck, a rough and tumbler farm boy who understood all the equipment – whether a pitchfork or a planing mill – he knew how to get his hands dirty. These four men combined their expertise in the launch of Delta Cedar, and their 4 distinct skill-sets and perspectives have guided the direction of how we’ve grown our business. You can still see each of their influences in place in our business today.

Originally partnering with BC Cross Arms, who manufactured the timber telephone poles and cross arms that are outside your window today, the business began. Through cross arms and railways ties in a time when railways were expanding and electricity wasn’t privatized under the province, business was good.

By 1964, through partnerships and community support, Delta Cedar began cutting their own timber stocks – more specifically, yellow and red cedar species. We took a species that was not being developed, and, over the past 40 years, we’ve become proud local specialists. The perfect material for outdoor projects, red and yellow cedar stands at the centre of our business. However, as we’ve grown over the years, we now treat, cut, and saw all types of wood species – even our competitors’ – thanks to us owning our own mills!

Our mill has not only allowed us to meet the needs of even the most outrageous imaginations, it has also allowed us to control our own destiny. When a customer makes a request, we have all the cogs in place to facilitate their demands. Our passion, product knowledge, and our direct connection to our mill has allowed us the freedom to offer great price points and an unbeatable turnaround time all the way from the mill to our customers. It is a perfect blend of our construction team who can bring projects to life, to our counter and yard staff who understand our products and our value.

As a senior cedar supplier for the local market, we have been able to do it all from shipping to packaging. Our history has and will always be a strong influence in who we are today and who we will be in years to come.